2018 proposed trip to Panajachel Guatemala


1. Arrive in Guatemala City and take shuttle to Panajachel or hotel in Guatemala City and shuttle next morning.

2. Walking tour of Panajachel including Mayan Families headquarters, the market, the lakefront, the cemetery followed by a tuk tuk ride to a Nature Preserve.

3. Lake Day: Travel to Santiago with lunch at Pasada de Santiago and then to San Juan by boat - great textiles!

4. Tierra Linda school visit followed by lunch in Solola and then time in the market.

5. See the pottery, weaving, wood carvings and paintings in Santa Catarina and San Antonio.

6. Visit Cambalacha (a performing and visual arts school) in San Marcos by boat.

7. Relax in Panajachel as you visit other sites of interest.

8. Day trip to the famous Chichicastenango market.

9. Visit Antigua, a beautiful Colonial City.

10. Fly home from Guatemala


Return Flight - $800 approximately.

Accommodations -$50/day, but ranges from $20 to +$100

Food - $30/day LocalTravel - $75/week

Miscellaneous - up to you!

Trips to Tikal, Copan, the Caribbean or Pacific coast, Languin, Antigua or other places of interest are easily arranged while in Panajachel through local travel agencies. See the web site page for more information about these possible side trips.

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Paso members who have travelled to Panajachel have said:

Johanna Fell : “I’ve been passionate about Latin America for some time now. Guatemala has such a fascinating history and rich culture and it was wonderful to see first hand all of the projects Paso supports.”

Gillian Isnor-McVeigh: “My preconceptions of Guatemala were mostly wrong. Yes, it is very poor, but Guatemalan resiliency ended up inspiring me rather than depressing me.”

For more details and information, please contact Judith Rapson at judith.rapson@gmail.com

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