AGM June 04 2017 meeting summary

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Sunday, June 04, 2017, 12:15 p.m.  St. Paul’s Centre, Orillia.

President Doris Middleton called the meeting to order. In attendance were the following directors: Fred Fallis, Treasurer, Garry Fell, Vice President, Judith Rapson, Marjorie Tomlin, Doris Middleton, President, Linda McDowell, Jim Hanwell and Howard Raper.  Also present were Sue Hotte, Tina Bemnant, Allison Parry, Tom Lyons, Lance and Kathy Brown.

Minutes of the 2016 AGM were received and approved.

President’s Report: Doris discussed all aspects of Paso’s progress in 2016. They are briefly dealt with in the following sections.

Treasurer’s Report: Fred covered all financial highlights. See next page. He noted that we are in a good financial position to consider a major project this year.

Student Sponsorship Committee: 31 students were sponsored in 2016. Paso members meet with most of the students in February 2017 to make Valentines and also visited most homes.

Canada Maya Scholarship Committee: Max Tinney has completed his internship and is now a medical doctor in Guatemala. He is looking for a position. Brenda, nursing, is in her third year and Erika, education, is in her second year. A new student, Freddie, has been approved and will start his teaching degree in January 2018.

Micro Loan Committee: 54 loans were given out in 2016, all to women in Tierra Linda. Paso will continue to provide loans interest free. All loans were repaid in 2016, and the ten business planning sessions have proven to be successful.

Membership Committee: The number of donors is almost 300.

Community Liaison Committee: Paso continues to work with the Warminster and Mnjikaning schools.

Fundraising Committee: Fundraising events continue to provide needed monies for Paso. Dale purchased more items in Guatemala which will increase our income.

Infrastructure Committee:  The Tierra Linda School continues to be the main focus. A new roof over the play area was approved. It was recommended by the teachers during the 2017 visit to Tierra Linda.

Publicity Committee: The web site, a blog, a Facebook group, brochure, Newspaper articles, Poster Board and video presentations are used to inform people about Paso.

Howard Raper, Marj Tomlin and Dale Duncan were re-elected for a three year term. Beth Kudar resigned her position and Paul Grainger was elected to fill her spot for a three year term.

Much more detail on each of these committees, as well as other Paso activities, can be found on this web site and on our blog, accessible from the home page.

For a complete copy of the 2016 Annual General Meeting report and minutes, contact doris.middleton&