Paso`s Committees

SPONSORSHIP COMMITTEE co-ordinates the sponsored students. The number of students sponsored, valentine making, home visits, extra food, Warminster and Mnjikaning school liaison, and regular communications with sponsors are among the tasks carried out by this committee.

PUBLICITY COMMITTEE produces the annual brochure, video presentations, newspaper articles, blog spot, the web site and any other related activities required to promote the goals of Paso Por Paso.

MICRO LOAN COMMITTEE determines the number of micro loans awarded each year, where they will be awarded, the annual presentation of loans and conducts home visits when possible while in Guatemala in February.

MEMBERSHIP COMMITTEE co-ordinates the list of donors and mails or emails information to each donor for continued support of Paso activities.

COMMUNITY LIAISON COMMITTEE promotes and provides information about Paso activities through presentations to a wide range of community groups, schools and other organizations.

SCHOLARSHIP COMMITTEE co-ordinates the Canada Maya Scholarship program by selecting worthy candidates, monitoring their progress, and ensuring that the required funding is received and used wisely.

FUNDRAISING COMMITTEE supports and co-ordinates traditional and new fundraising activities in order to raise money for Paso activities.

PROJECTS AND INFRASTRUCTURE COMMITTEE works with our partners in Guatemala to develop and carry out possible construction projects in Tierra Linda and the Lake Atitlan area.

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