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Paso Por Paso is a Registered Charity | Charity Registration Number: 855279329RR0001

Paso Por Paso

Contact Information

Paso Por Paso

90 Peter Street North

Orillia, ON

L3V 4Z2

President:           Doris Middleton                  doris.middleton@bell.net

Treasurer:           Bob Goodwin                      treasurer@pasoporpaso.ca

Vice President:   Linda McDowell                  mcdowell.linda988@gmail.com

Would You Like More Information?

If you would like further information about how you can help, become a member, become a sponsor, or maybe you would like to get involved with a fund raising project or would just like to request a brochure - please don’t hesitate to contact us.  Send an email to one of the contacts below and someone will be in touch - we’re always happy to talk.

Contact Information