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Paso Por Paso is a Registered Charity | Charity Registration Number: 855279329RR0001

Paso Por Paso

Paso Por Paso does not receive any funding from government or non-government agencies. Most of our funding comes from  donations supported by a mail-out campaign each fall.

We also help support our programmes through fund raising activities including the sale of Guatemalan handicrafts purchased during our annual visit to Panajachel.  These items are sold at local farmers markets throughout the year.

Fund Raising

During the Covid 19 pandemic, we were not able to run our normal events which include the sales of perennial and annual plants,and the Pancake Brunch but we are looking forward to resuming these when permitted.

We had tentatively scheduled our perennial plant sale for May 29, however, continuing restrictions mean that this will not happen.  Look for this event to return in 2022.