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The 2018 Trip to Panajachel, Guatemala

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Interested in joining us in 2018? Each February, some Paso directors and members travel to Panajachel Guatemala. While there, they visit the Tierra Linda school, hand out micro loans, meet with the directors of Mayan Families to discuss projects, make valentines with the sponsored students, meet the university students and visit homes of sponsored students and micro loan recipients. Depending on the length of stay, they tour various communities such as San Juan, San Antonio de Palapo, Chichicastenango and Antigua and historic sites such as Tikal and Copan, or visit the Caribbean or Pacific Coasts. Some of the time, however, is spent relaxing in the warm and beautiful Lake Atitlan area. The only limitation is the amount of time you have to see this beautiful country.

Paso Por Paso has grown considerably since it started in 2006 with 8 members/directors. Today there are about 400 donors and members and 12 directors. The budget has increased from approximately $6000 in 2006 to over $40 000 in 2016. All money raised through our various fundraising projects goes to support the projects in Guatemala. Directors and members pay all of their own expenses for travel to Guatemala and the only administrative costs are for printing, postage, bank fees and other similar expenses. Paso’s financial statement and a summary of the Annual General Meeting are available by clicking here.  

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