Gloria, right, used her micro loan to purchase more land in Tierra Linda in order to grow larger quantities of onions. She sells them to customers in the market in Panajachel.

 Lucia, below, made Pimol, a hot drink from corn. Mayan people drink this or similar hot drinks each morning. She made enough profit and was able to expand her business and now makes traditional clothing items for women. She is able to buy larger quantities at a lower price and therefore make more profit to support her 8 children and unemployed husband.

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Jewellery making is a common business. A micro loan allows the women to purchase larger quantities of beads and thread. Many are custom made for other sellers in the nearby towns.

The tradition of weaving continues in part because micro loans make it possible for women to make it a business. Now they are able to make their own clothes and buy extra material to produce items to sell.