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Rudolfo Perez is the first graduate of the Canada Maya Scholarship program. Rudolfo completed his Tourism program in 2012. He is married to Norma and they have 2 children and lives in Panajachel. He is currently working as a hotel guide for visiting tourist in Panajachel.

Anastacia Xon is a mother of 5 and has completed her Masters degree in Social Work. As a Mayan woman, she faced many hurdles in order to complete her degree. Fortunately she is a very strong willed individual and was able overcome the many hurdles placed in front of her.

Maria Isobel Churunel has graduated with a degree in Social Work. She is currently employed with a women's foundation organizing groups around Lake Atitlan to help them get established in the work force. She was selected to attend an International Women's Conference in Norway in August 2014. Maria Isobel is now assisting the CMS program by interviewing applicants wishing to be sponsored by Paso Por Paso.

Oliva Lopez graduated in 2012 with a Business degree. She was working for the Municipality of Santa Catarina but lost her job after the elections. She is currently very active in a Women’s Rights group attempting to improve the working conditions of Mayan women. She is the eldest of 10 children and lives in Panajachel. Oliva is one of the few Mayan women graduates with a degree in business.

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Brenda Morales is studying to become a professional nurse. She believes there is a serious shortage of nurses in her area and lost her sister because the nearest hospital was so far away. She also wants to earn some “income for my family because we really are a very poor family” She started her 4 year program in January 2015 at the Panamerica University in Solola Guatemala.