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Paso Por Paso is a Registered Charity | Charity Registration Number: 855279329RR0001

Paso Por Paso

Our student sponsorship programme is administered for Paso Por Paso by Amigos Mayan Families, a registered charity in Guatemala.  Amigos Mayan Families is the operating arm of Mayan Families, a charity operating based in the USA.  More information about these organizations can be found at    mayanfamilies.org   

Students in Guatemala theoretically have access to free education up to the equivalent of our 6th grade.  However, this doesn’t always happen in the indigenous populations. Through our sponsorship programme, we attempt to bridge this gap by providing financial assistance.

We support students at both the primary and secondary (primario, basico and diversificado) levels.

Although the majority of the sponsored students attend classes in Tierra Linda, some students live in Panajachel and other villages in the area.

Sponsorship Programme

Sponsors donate $500 per year to support a student  and we ask that sponsors make a three year commitment.

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