Student Sponsor Program

Paso Por Paso has been sponsoring students since 2007. That year, 2 girls and 6 boys, all in Primary school, were sponsored. 3 of the boys, Josue, Byron, Gerber graduated in 2016.

By 2010 Paso had increased the number of sponsored students to 15. The students were attending schools all around the Lake Atitlan area, with most coming from Panajachel. 4 were from Tierra Linda where Paso had added classrooms to the school.

The cost to sponsor a student today is $450 CDN which includes not only the enrolment fee but a back pack, school supplies, shoes, gym clothes, a school uniform if needed, extra tutorial help and graduation fees. To encourage donors to continue to participate, a new category was introduced, the co-sponsor for $225 CDN.

Paso began to personalize by assigning a student to a sponsor. This involved sending the sponsor photos of the student, a copy of the report card and some family background information. To further personalize the student/sponsor connection, the students were assembled at the Mayan Families office in February and supplied with the necessary materials to make a Valentine for their sponsor. As many mothers and sometimes fathers and always younger siblings came, cookies and a beverage were served. It became a festive occasion. In appreciation and often because it was needed, Paso gave each student a food bag (corn, beans, rice, eggs and a beverage concentrate). Paso members followed up by visiting the homes of the sponsored students. While this may seem intrusive, the family was honoured by our presence and always expressed gratitude for sponsoring the child.

In 2018, Paso is sponsoring 32 students, and most of our new students have been from Tierra Linda. There are many more students in the village requiring sponsors in order to attend school and Paso will add more as financing is available.

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Paso works with Mayan Families in Panajachel. They also provide detailed information on each student for the sponsoring families. A sponsoring family can access this information if you have a password by clicking the Mayan Families link below. Contact  if you wish to request a password.

Mayan Families