Sponsored Students

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1. Hector’s family home was swept away in a mud slide caused by Tropical Storm Agatha in 2010. His father is a seasonal agricultural worker and his mother has health problems. Hector has been sponsored by Paso since 2010 and always has a smile on his face. 2. Lidia Roxanna is the youngest of 8 children, 3 of whom are married. Lidia is now in grade 4 and lives in San Jorge. She is 10 years old. She enjoys school and hopes to be a teacher. She has been sponsored since 2012. 3. Ingrid Elizabeth is 11 years old in grade 6 and has 7 siblings. She lives in Tierra Linda with her parents  4. Mykelin Celeste lost her father in a tragedy in 2013. Her mother is determined that she will keep the family of 4 children together. Mykelin is in grade 6 and lives in Chimaltenango and Paso sponsored since 2012. Mykelin and her mother usually attend the valentine session despite the 4 hour bus ride each way. 5. Rosa Roxanna, in grade 3, is a 2014 addition to Paso’s sponsored students. Her mother moved with Rosa, her sister Flori and a son to Panajachel where job opportunities are better.