Canada Maya Scholarships

Paso Por Paso provides the necessary funding for exceptional students to continue onto college or university through the Canada Maya Scholarship fund. Each student applies and is interviewed by Patricia Gutierrez and Maria Isobel Churunel, Paso’s Guatemala coordinators. Each recipient is required to submit marks and monthly reports to Patricia in order to receive funding. Each February, Paso arranges a meeting with the past and current scholars. The 2018 gathering was at the El Chapparal Restaurant on the beautiful Lake Atitlan waterfront. Photo top right includes Diego, Brenda and Max. Photo right includes Max, Diego, Freddy (a new sponsored student in 2018 taking a teaching program), Erika, Karina (daughter of Anastacia), Byron (applying for a future scholarship) and Anastacia.

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Rudolfo Perez, Anastacia Zon, Maria Isobel Churunel, Oliva Lopez, Diego Pezan, Luis Esquina, Erika Perez, Brenda Morales, Max Tinney and Patricia Gutierrez.

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