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Paso Por Paso is a Registered Charity | Charity Registration Number: 855279329RR0001

Paso Por Paso

Paso Por Paso was founded by the group of retired teachers from Orillia pictured above.  During a trip to Guatemala, they had learned of the poverty and challenges faced by the indigenous people of the Eastern highlands, particularly in the region of Solala, near Panajachel. Upon their return to Orillia, they decided they would try to help in some way, so created Paso Por Paso.  Once the incorporation as a registered Charity was in place, fund raising started in earnest.

The emphasis was and continues to be focused on assisting local children to access education, and to provide financial assistance to women to start or improve business ventures.

Over the years, directors have come and gone, but the dedication and work continues.  We also continue to travel to Panajachel each year in order to maintain the close relationship that Paso has established with the people we help.

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